GAG 3.0 had a bug that was not detected in the test phase. This new version, due to the new graphics, needs more disk space than the old versions 2.x and 1.x. Most exactly, it needs 38 sectors. But, unfortunately, when I wrote the new 'save in hard disk' subroutine, I forgot the MBR. So GAG 3.0 was storing 39 sectors instead of 38.

If the hard disk has less than 38 sectors per track, GAG 3.0 returns an error, and is not installed. This is the desired effect. If the hard disk has more than 38 sectors, GAG is stored without problems, and all works fine. But if the hard disk has exactly 38 sectors per track, when GAG 3.0 stores itself, it saves 39 sectors (MBR plus 38 sectors for GAG) and the last sector should be stored in the first sector of the next track, overwritting the existing data.

Fortunately, no one has had problems, because modern hard disks have 63 sectors per track, where GAG can store its 39 sectors without problem. But I preferred to delete the buggy version as soon I discovered the error and prepare a new version fixed. This fixed version is the new version 3.1.

Sorry me, please.